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      Minimal Domed Platinum or 14K White Gold Mens Ring: 6mm. Comfort-Fit.
      Modern Hand-Ground Tantalum Mens Ring: 6mm. Comfort-Fit. Faceted.
      Modern Hand-Ground Black Tungsten Mens Ring: 6mm. Comfort Fit. Faceted.
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      Timeless 14K Yellow Gold Mens Ring With Hand-Ground Facets: 6mm, Comfort-Fit
      Modern Flat Profile Forged Carbon Fiber And Satin Titanium Mens Ring: 6mm. Comfort-Fit
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      Minimal, Modern Hand Etched Titanium Mens Ring: Flat Profile, 8mm, Comfort-Fit
      Minimal Brushed Titanium Mens Band With Polished Recessed Edge: 6mm. Comfort-Fit
      Minimal Hand-Ground Titanium and Bent Rosewood Mens Band: 6mm. Comfort-Fit
      Minimal, Modern Tantalum Mens Band: Brushed Finish, Polished Stepped Edge. 6.5mm. Comfort Fit
      Minimalist Black Faceted Mens Band: 6mm, Hand-Ground Forged Carbon Fiber, Low-Profile, Lightweight.
      Minimal, Modern Distressed Black Titanium: 6mm, Slight Dome, Comfort fit.
      Minimal Forged Carbon Fiber Mens Ring with Titanium Inlay: 6.5mm. Flat Profile.
      Minimal Brushed Titanium Ring: Domed Profile. 6mm.
      Minimal Distressed-Etched Titanium: 6.5mm. Comfort-Fit.
      Minimal Flat Brushed Black Tungsten Ring: 6mm. Comfort-Fit.
      Minimal Matte Stainless Steel Ring with Slight Dome: 6mm. Comfort-Fit.
      Minimal Hammered Titanium Ring with Polished Stepped Edge: 7mm. Comfort-Fit.
      Minimal Brushed Titanium Mens Ring with Carbon Fiber Inlay: 6mm. Flat Profile. Comfort-Fit.
      Minimal Raw Carbon Fiber Mens Ring with Domed Profile: 6mm. Comfort-Fit.
      Minimal Satin Hammered Titanium Ring with Polished Interior: Slight Dome. 6mm. Comfort-Fit.
      Modern Brushed Titanium Ring with Bow Sides and Edge Grooves: 7mm. Comfort-Fit.
      Minimal Dual Finish Tantalum Ring with 14k Yellow Gold Inlay: Brushed and Etched. 6mm. Flatl Profile.
      Modern Black Zirconium Ring with Hammered Finish: Flat Profile. 6mm. Comfort-Fit.
      Minimal Brushed Titanium Ring with Bright Beveled Edges: 6mm. Flat Profile. Comfort-Fit.
      Minimal Two-Toned Tungsten Ring with Beveled Edges: 6.5mm. Black and Silver. Comfort-Fit.
      Minimal Flat Brushed Tantalum Mens Ring. 6.5mm. Comfort-Fit.
      MInimal Flat Platinum or 14k White Gold Mens Ring: 6mm. Comfort-Fit.
      Minimal Domed Titanium Ring with Polished Finish: 3mm. Comfort-Fit.